porcelain crownA dental crown is a restorative dentistry treatment that is placed over a tooth to improve strength, shape or appearance. Dental crowns, also called "caps," are also used as the final restoration for dental implants, serving as the replacement for the artificial tooth. Although there are several different materials that can be used for dental crowns, we recommend all-porcelain (metal-free) dental crowns because they provide the most natural-looking restorations as they closely resemble the color and texture of natural teeth. 

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are used when more conservative dental restorations cannot be used to improve the strength or appearance of a damaged tooth. Dr. Odysseos will determine what procedure you are eligible for based on your existing dental health and the aesthetic and functional benefits of a restorative dentistry treatment.


What are the common reasons dental crowns are used to restore teeth for?

To strengthen and improve the appearance and size of a tooth that has been treated for a root canal

To restore a broken or cracked tooth

To cover a misshapen tooth

To cover a dental implant

To hold a dental bridge or partial dentures in place.


If you feel that you might have one of the above reasons to require a crown for your tooth please consult us so we can perform a thorough evaluation of your dental health and determine if you would benefit from such procedure.